Monday 14 December 2009

Astonishingly I set up this page 14/12/09 and to this date I have NEVER received ANY contact or effort to contact me from the sordid,abuser and low life Hamish Grossart - who many will remember was directly responsible for throwing his wife down stairs deliberately, caused his wife a miscarriage as a result of abuse, was cited in his divorce as abusive, cruel and thus a coward and manipulative low life.

Thes FACTS are presented and a matter of Court Record.

It is also interesting that despite his abuse, cruelty and efforts to abuse his children to satiate his ego as has been shown in recent open Court and as attested to by medical professionals he does not own and control.

Hamish Grossart is clearly a bully, a coward and an abuser and has been shown to be in Couerts.

Interestingly no effort has been made to contact me by Hamish Grossart or his agents - no comment left, no 'e'Mail sent NOTHING.

Interestingly the corrupt Courts of scotland have dishonestly and ultra vires reached a judgement that this blog and the blog it links to are written by Elaine Grossart without one shred of evidence.

the obscene miscarriage of Justice of The Scottish Courts and with the arbitrary judgement of guilt without provenance or evidence some corrupt little squirt of a Sherriff in the cowardly style of that better known Sherriff Pat Garrett who saw fit to shoot William Cody in the dark in a friends house.

the Sheriff in the Scottish Court saw fit to hold Elaine Grossart responsible for the blogs I have written in my own belief in Justice and that the fact some worm of a man with a self serving Narcissism, a coward and a bully who has bullied both of his wives to date and his children seeking to buy their obeyisence with fear and money to overcome their contempt and his intimidation.

May I congratulate Elaine Grossart for her very real efforts to contact me and even to try to establish who I was, inorder to make correction of what she knew might be dishonestly used by Hamish Grossart and his hirelings to defame her and no doubt in the knowledge on her part of just how corrupt Courts in Scotland might be - I believe if that was her belief The Scottish Courts and its corrupt servants have lived down to expectation.

Elaine Grossart has never met me, has no idea who I am with any certainty, though she may guess, and has not written one word of this blog or that to which it is linked.

I am disgusted by the corrupt and dishonest leap to judgement of some two bit little sherriff in his Court of shame that has failed abysmally to protect a woman and children from an abusive, dangerous, mentally unstable self serving, inadequate Narcissis like Hamish Grossart - a fantasist, failure and pervert as clearly shown by Court documents.

The Scottish Courts should hang their heads in shame that they have failed in their duty to protect the weak from the bully - The idiotic little sherriff so misunderstands his duty and responsibilities that he has judged that Elaine Grossart - although she won her case hands down - should be responsible for costs deliberately forced upon her by her corrupt and dellusional ex-husband and The Court has made absolutely no effort to protect Elain Grossart or her two children in direct and flagrant negligence of their duty and medical reports.

Further the foolish sherriff in abrogation of his responsibilities has forced Elaine Grossart to pay costs based on his own personal prejudice and judgement unsustained by one shred of factual evidence in claiming Elaine Grossart has written and managed this my blog.

What an odious and dishonest man - He has debased the very tennets of Scottish justice.

Shame on you Sherriff your actions nearly make those of a man like Hamish Grossart seem acceptable!

The Court used the Judgement of Solomon but with neither the intellect nor the wisdom, let alone the authority - Shame on you sir! You didn't even bother to ascertain if your fantasy was correct but you were willing to add to the abuse of Elaine Grossart and her children - possibly more heinous than the behaviour of Hamish Grossart who is clearly a dysfunctional failure who may well be able to make the plea of mittigation based on his obvious mental health issues.

You sir have even assisted the abuser in obtaining information and control to continue his abuse of his ex wife and her children - now even having recruited his latest victim to assist him!

The above was added 30-Jun-2011


I hope you don't mind me using this as a redirect service at the moment to my main blog on the subject:

My situation is not unusual but due to the fact that it seems that my husband suffers from the brain disease or personality disorder Narcissism, which seems to run in families, he can be very unstable and malicious and although we are divorced it was made an horrendous process 'for his pleasure' - has been physically and sexually abusive and the most tedious is his childlike determination always to be right however much damage he does to our children or me.

His self centred rages put all of us at risk and his endless insecure determination to control makes our children on edge all the time and scared they will 'set him off again'. Due to their age they blame themselves for the damage he is doing to them and to me but internalise this, very much to their detriment.

From what I can gather he acted exactly the same with his first wife who finally had a breakdown and I gather was in therapy for a period. Strangely his uncles part estranged wife had problems similar which were attributed to a proclaimed stroke!

Far be it from he or his parents and various other unfortunate and inadequate members of his family to admit they are not always right but the rest of the world is wrong. This may well explain the misery my ex husband brought to the potteries with his crass bad management of Royal Doulton which led to the destruction of a thriving industry in the potteries. It was not the first, nor is it likely to be the last time he has destroyed lives for his personal gain!

I will tell you more about myself and my ex-husband's problems here when I have time - I am just building up the other site!

Elaine Grossart
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